Friday, 6 November 2009


Sorry, but I can't publish before. (texts, homework...)
Well, I publish a post: halloween.
In halloween are: pumpkins, gost,
spirits, sweets, costumes, chocolat and more things or people.
I love halloween because are sweets and holidays.
My post is about halloween, I going to talk more about halloween:
This celebration is of Celtic origin.
It is believed that on Halloween night the world of the dead along with that of the living.
In this day the people trying to scare other people with monstrous disguises.
The day is (31 of October).
On this day children dress in costumes and go house to house saying "trick-or-treating" (truco o trato) in the house if you depart, make up sweet but they do hazing.
In "Spain" this celebration not done, but in England yes. Halloween by alvieger

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