Thursday, 15 October 2009


Welcome back to my blog.

I am in secondary school now.
I miss primary school.
This is an exercise to review the fruits.
Long time I didn't update my blog.
These are the nine fruits in the photo:
1st.- It is a banana rise in the palm. Bananas grow in warm countries. Arise only in warm sites.
2nd.- They are cherries, growing on cherry trees.
It's lovely.
They grow mainly in the northern hemisphere.
3rd.- These are two lemons, they grow in lemon trees.
It grows everywhere.
It is very sour.
4th.- It is a apple, growing in an apple tree.
It grows everywhere.
5th.- This is a orange, It grows in the orange tree.
It grows everywhere.
6th.- It is a pear, born in the pear tree.
It grows everywhere.
7th.- This is a pineapple, It grows in palm trees.
It is brown outside and yellow inside.
8th.- It is a strawberry, is a delicious fruit.
It grows everywhere.
9th.- This is a bunch of grapes.
The grapes are purple and green.
They grow everywhere.

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