Thursday, 28 October 2010

Halloween day!

And I come back!
Well I talk about the day, yes halloween day!
In this Monday you haven't got class, good!!
Me an my class-friends haven't got class too!
I write a little text about all santis (halloween).
The day is on 31 of October, this year is Sunday.
Halloween is a tradicion in England.
In Galicia halloween is "Samain" and its creators were the Celts.
In this day is usually the phrase "Trick or treat" and the people give sweets and eggs, but you don't give the sweets or the eggs and they punish you.
Care, because they will come dressed in monster costumes!
It's traditional to decorate the house with lights(like Christmas, but more monstrous),with pumpkins.
Prepare a party with foot with diffrent forms: pumpkins, bats, witchs, black cats, spiders, and more...
The games are: dancing (with a very monstrous music), a apple game (you have to catch an apple with mouth), other apple game (you tie an apple and hang up, try to bite the apple, and the winner is the first to get it), decorated our pumpkins with a knife you cut above the pumpkin and open, make the eyes, the mouth, the nose...
Is a very important tradicion because, is when the dead return to earth to scare those who are still alive.
The traditional colors that day are black and orange, because the black is the color of the deads and the orange color represents the final harvest of the farmers.
You have an other information in this page: (click here) thanks for see my post!

Friday, 19 March 2010

Father's day

Hello friends and people!
Today, I'm going to talk on father's day.
Normally, on this day, you give gifts as a perfume, "drawings" (the smallest), and many more presents...
The day is on 19 of March and it is
today!It's an important date in Spain and we haven't to go to school.
Well I have made
a video on ANIMOTO... Do you like it?
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Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Places to visit!

Hello friends and people!
Well in this post I'm going to talk about places in the world
There are very beautiful, wonderfull...
Please, watch my video.
The music is:"RELAX CLASSICAL MUSIC" is on youtube!

Friday, 11 December 2009


I take a 9 in a English's test and Maths' test, 9'25.
I'm very, very, happy.
This text is very short, because ... I have nothing more to tell.
Well ...Good bye.

Monday, 23 November 2009


Create Yours @ NackVision
It is very easy to do.
In this page you can create your pictures.
I like this page.
Look at my picture.
When you finish you click on "ANIMATE" to preview.
You can publish on a blog or send to friends. (Click in "Generate HTML code" the yellow button.)

Friday, 6 November 2009


Sorry, but I can't publish before. (texts, homework...)
Well, I publish a post: halloween.
In halloween are: pumpkins, gost,
spirits, sweets, costumes, chocolat and more things or people.
I love halloween because are sweets and holidays.
My post is about halloween, I going to talk more about halloween:
This celebration is of Celtic origin.
It is believed that on Halloween night the world of the dead along with that of the living.
In this day the people trying to scare other people with monstrous disguises.
The day is (31 of October).
On this day children dress in costumes and go house to house saying "trick-or-treating" (truco o trato) in the house if you depart, make up sweet but they do hazing.
In "Spain" this celebration not done, but in England yes. Halloween by alvieger

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Thursday, 15 October 2009


Welcome back to my blog.

I am in secondary school now.
I miss primary school.
This is an exercise to review the fruits.
Long time I didn't update my blog.
These are the nine fruits in the photo:
1st.- It is a banana rise in the palm. Bananas grow in warm countries. Arise only in warm sites.
2nd.- They are cherries, growing on cherry trees.
It's lovely.
They grow mainly in the northern hemisphere.
3rd.- These are two lemons, they grow in lemon trees.
It grows everywhere.
It is very sour.
4th.- It is a apple, growing in an apple tree.
It grows everywhere.
5th.- This is a orange, It grows in the orange tree.
It grows everywhere.
6th.- It is a pear, born in the pear tree.
It grows everywhere.
7th.- This is a pineapple, It grows in palm trees.
It is brown outside and yellow inside.
8th.- It is a strawberry, is a delicious fruit.
It grows everywhere.
9th.- This is a bunch of grapes.
The grapes are purple and green.
They grow everywhere.

Monday, 29 June 2009

My summer

Hello, my summer is good, fantastic, beautiful.
How is your summer??
I'm very good, in this summer I'm in my grandparents house.
I go to my swmming pool and more things.
I don't leave the blog.
... I don't have more to tell.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Good bye primary school

Good bye primary school.
Good bye teachers.
Good luck!
I going to miss you:
Javier: my "tutor"
Aurora: my English teacher.
Jose Antonio: my teacher gim.
Mary Luz: my religion teacher.
Rosa: my music teacher.
Good bye.
I very very sad.
I go to secondary school.
Hello secondary school.
Hello summer.
Hello new teachers.
See you in september, friends!!
Have a nice summer.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

My birthday

(Happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you
happy birthday dear Alba
happy birthday to you.)
It's my birthday!!
Well... it is the 27 of June.
I'm 12 years old.
My ears are red, because of the pulling of ears.
I have lots of presents. I'm very lucky. Thank you.
Please congratulate my birthday in a comment.